Days of Their Lives

Stories From A Summer in North-East Nigeria

Tag: boko haram

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The Interview

In 2014, Maina Bwala was in Lagos for an interview to be the representative of a pharmaceutical company that wanted to expand its operations in the North, specifically Niger State. When the interviewer found out that he had lived all his life in Maiduguri, the hotbed of the insurgency being orchestrated by the terrorist group, book […]

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‘Porridge Mom’

Before 2014, Lydia John, then a 32-year old mother of six would fry yams, potatoes and akara, then sell to the people of Gwoza in Borno state who ate peacefully, wiped the oil off their mouths and came back for more. A few months into 2014 however, she lost many of her customers then lost […]


The Landlord of Maiduguri

“At the peak of the insurgency crisis in 2013 and 2014, we had so much business coming in that we had no time to eat”, says Usman Ahmad Balarabe Ahmad Geidam, one of Maiduguri’s most popular realtors in his office on Damboa Road. There is no power and the lighting in the office is very poor, […]